Lidija Tkalcevic’s Contemporay Sculpture

300_Tkalcevic Couple

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Sculpture from Zimbabwe

The Shona tribe of Zimbabwe, literally translated as "the house of stone," are considered by many to be among the world's finest sculptors. Modern Shona artisans select and quarry their own stones, just as they did thousands of years ago. Statues are hand-carved using simple chisels, polished with sand and beeswax, and heated on a fire to bring out their brilliant colors.

Family of Three

Available in:
Families of Four
Families of Five
Families of Six

in various sizes & colors

Dancing couple

Also known as "Ukama" or "Loving Family", these shona stone sculptures are one of the most popular emerging African art forms.  The figures show many family members, but all merge together at various points, symbolizing the unity and shared spirit of the family unit.




Available in various sizes & colors

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