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Venetian Masks from Si Lucia

A little history,

The Venetian Mask

The profession of mask making was founded in Venice, Italy in April 1436 by the Masters of the Painters Guild.

These masks are the work of Franco, one of the few master mask makers in  Venice. The artist presses papier mache into molds and coats the mask  with plaster. He then applies a second layer of papier mache, lines the  back of the mask with gauze and places it in an oven to stiffen it.  Finally, he trims the edges and hand paints the result. This tradition  of hand crafting masks has remained unchanged for hundreds of years.

The mask and costume create putting everyone on the same and poor...lovely and ugly, etc. Historically, masks were  worn for several months of the year because they represented a kind of  loss of identity for the person.

Masks are the hallmark of Carnevale in Venice. The practice of wearing masks  for disguise reached its zenith in the 18th century when Venetians of  different social classes used Carnevale as an excuse for promiscuity.




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Venetian Masks